Food safety

Food safety

To compete in the food industry, demonstrating the safety and quality of your products is critical. Certification to food safety standards by Bureau Veritas enables you to meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Today’s consumers and regulators want to know where food comes from, what it is made of and how it is processed. However, increasingly global, complex supply chains and ever-evolving industrial processes and regulatory frameworks make rising to the challenge more difficult than ever.

Bureau Veritas supports players across the food industry in meeting these challenges with our range of certification and auditing services and proprietary digital solutions. Bureau Veritas certification enables you to meet the highest safety and quality standards, gain access to international markets and fulfill your regulatory requirements.

Key benefits

  • Secure market access

    by achieving compliance with EU, US and other local regulations, and with standards required by the world’s major retailers

  • Earn consumer trust

    by demonstrating your commitment to food safety with Bureau Veritas certification

  • Increase operational control

    by assuring quality, safety and responsibility along the entirety of your supply chains

  • Earn worldwide recognition

    for the safety of your products, processes and services

SafeOps, Bureau Veritas’ digital solution for retailers and restaurant chains, makes food safety inspections easier and more efficient than ever.

Demonstrate food safety with ISO 22000: 2018
Proactive food safety management along the supply chain is key to effectively mitigating risk and optimizing efficiency. Certification of your Food Safety Management System to ISO 22000 by Bureau Veritas enables you to demonstrate that your commitment to food safety exceeds regulatory requirements, and incorporates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).
Bureau Veritas Certification Holding has received the upgrade of the global UKAS accreditation for 
ISO 22000: 2018. Bureau Veritas Certification team all over the regions is now ready to support you in your ISO 22000: 2018 transition.

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certifications
Bureau Veritas offers certification to a wide range of GFSI-recognized standards. These include all varieties of FSSC 22000, BRC Global Standards, IFS Food and Logistics standards and GLOBALG.A.P, and more. No matter your position in the food value chain, certification to GFSI standards is critical to securing access to international markets.

Quality assurance for animal feed
What animals eat has a significant impact on the quality and safety of meat, poultry, dairy, fish, eggs and other foods of animal origin. Certification to feed and feed component safety and quality standards like FAMI-QS and GMP+ enables you to improve your market access and demonstrate your commitment to excellence.


More than ever, regulators, NGOs and consumers are scrutinizing food companies’ sourcing and supply chain practices. Bureau Veritas’ SafeSupply platform helps businesses assess their suppliers by feeding macro data and supplier-generated information into a powerful algorithm to rank supplier risk.

Improve safety and quality along the food supply chain with SafeSupply
400+ Food safety auditors