Food digital solutions

Food digital solutions

Technological innovation is changing the face of the global food sector. Drive efficiency, quality and safety with Bureau Veritas’ cutting-edge digital solutions.

Seamlessly improve food safety and efficiency with Origin, Bureau Veritas’ blockchain-based food traceability system.

Across the food industry, consumer and regulatory demand for traceability, quality, safety and responsibility is at an all-time high. The globalization of food supply chains, ever-changing manufacturing and distribution practices and increasingly strict industry and regulatory standards are making it more challenging than ever to deliver on these demands.

Bureau Veritas harnesses the latest technologies to enable food industry players across the value chain to meet these challenges with optimal time- and cost-efficiency. Our proprietary digital solutions enable you to achieve quality, safety, compliance and performance, from farm to fork.

Key benefits

  • Save money and time

    with Bureau Veritas’ digital, real-time solutions for key food industry challenges

  • Detect and mitigate risk

    by seamlessly assuring quality, safety and reliability across your supply chain

  • Optimize operational control

    by upgrading your inspection capabilities

  • Empower your employees

    to strive for optimal safety and quality by equipping them with the best possible tools

Blockchain food tracking with Origin 

Assuring traceability has become critical in the pursuit of food safety and security. To meet this challenge, Bureau Veritas has developed Origin, the world’s first blockchain-based food traceability system. Thanks to Origin, detailed information about a product’s journey from farm to fork is a mere scan away. Shoppers can flash a QR code in-store to access the product’s trajectory and make better-informed purchases. Origin allows retailers, suppliers, processors and manufacturers to seamlessly manage quality across the supply chain, add value to products, and boost their reputation.

Digital supply chain risk monitoring with SafeSupply

SafeSupply, Bureau Veritas’ digital supply chain risk monitoring system, enables you to seamlessly improve the traceability, transparency and integrity of your food supply chain. Thanks to its proprietary algorithm and a user-friendly platform, SafeSupply aggregates and analyzes supplier performance data to produce customized, comprehensive supplier risk scorecard and risk mitigation plan, enhancing communication between buyers and suppliers and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Digitally-enhanced inspections with SAFEOPS

Achieving and maintaining food safety and quality are top priorities for retailers and restaurants. SAFEOPS, Bureau Veritas’ digital inspection solution, enables you to manage food safety and quality more effectively and cost-efficiently than ever before. Organizations fail all too often to effectively track the food safety data they collect daily. SAFEOPS solves this problem. With user-friendly tablets, employees input inspection data. The data is stored, analyzed and compiled on SAFEOPS’ online platform. Advanced data monitoring and visualization seamlessly identify areas of risk, allowing businesses to optimize inspection, maintenance and training.


More than ever, regulators, NGOs and consumers are scrutinizing food companies’ sourcing and supply chain practices. Bureau Veritas’ SafeSupply platform helps businesses assess their suppliers by feeding macro data and supplier-generated information into a powerful algorithm to rank supplier risk.

Improve safety and quality management along the food supply chain with SafeSupply
400+ Food safety auditors

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