CQI/IRCA-accredited auditor training

Auditing is a critical part of any management system. Bureau Veritas provides lead and internal auditor training for a wide range of management systems, helping auditors achieve a deep and functional understanding of auditing principles and processes.

Effective management systems are essential for successful corporate governance. To ensure continuous improvement, regular auditing of management systems is key. However, most organizations have multiple management systems in place, which can be difficult to effectively audit. Companies require a streamlined approach to management system auditing. They also need to provide their internal auditors with the knowledge and skills required to effectively audit their management systems, or those of their suppliers and/or another second party.

Key benefits

  • An extensive portfolio

    including auditor training in quality, health & safety, environment, social responsibility, industry-specific standards and more.

  • Accredited by CQI, IRCA

    and other leading auditor training accreditation bodies around the world

  • Expert-devised teaching methods

    integrating practical and theoretical learning.

  • A world-wide network

    of expert auditors who deliver and design all of our auditor training courses

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Lead auditor training

Bureau Veritas provides CQI/IRCA-accredited Lead auditor training that explains the principles, practices and requirements of leading management systems, such as ISO 9001. Our Lead auditors guide participants through the entire supplier or second-party audit process, from managing an audit program to reporting audit results. Our training program consists of classroom tutorials, role playing, group workshops and open forum discussions.

Internal auditor training

Our internal auditor training enables learners to develop the advanced knowledge and skills required to audit their internal management systems. Participants gain an understanding of a variety of principles, such as auditing clause and process approaches, and auditing planning and reporting. Our internal auditor training programs are CQI/IRCA-accredited.

ISO 19011 management system auditing training

Bureau Veritas provides auditor training based on the ISO 19011 standard, which can be used for auditing any type of management system or standard. Our auditors offer guidance on every step involved in auditing a management system or audit program. Participants gain an understanding of a variety of principles, such as process-based auditing systems, audit planning and non-conformance identification and analysis.