Operational Risk Training

Operational Risk Training

From business continuity, to supply chain security, to asset management, organizations face a range of risks. To help companies protect their assets, Bureau Veritas offers a wide variety of Operational Risk training solutions.

Bureau Veritas’ portfolio includes courses from the fundamentals of risk management to advanced training and tools for conducting internal audits. With Bureau Veritas training, you can ensure your staff understands and is ready to implement, evaluate and improve your Operational Risk systems. 


The various courses, tools and services offered on Bureau Veritas Training website enable you to choose your own training process, and determine and address the gap between your current situation and the standards you want.

Discover Bureau Veritas Training.

Risk management training (ISO 31000)

ISO 31000 is the main building block for Enterprise Risk management, providing guidance for internal and external audit programs. Bureau Veritas offers classroom training and workshops, including a Mastering course for risk managers, and a multiple day course for auditing to ISO 31000.

Anti-Bribery management TRAINING (ISO 37001)

Bribery represents a serious risk to businesses, with potentially significant legal and financial repercussions for individuals and organizations. Bureau Veritas offers introductory and mastery level webinars and courses to equip your teams with the knowledge to recognize and prevent bribery, and audit to ISO 37001 standards.

Business continuity management training (ISO 22301)

ISO 22301 is a Business Continuity Management System that helps organizations manage and protect against operational delays. Bureau Veritas offers e-learning, blended learning and open courses at all levels, from awareness to mastery. Our training ensures your staff can manage business continuity, understanding risks and setting controls to improve your organization’s resilience.

Asset management training (ISO 55001)

ISO 55501 is an Asset Management System that allows companies to identify risks to physical and non-material assets. Bureau Veritas’ Lead and Internal Auditor courses train learners to manage assets to ISO 550001 standards, while our Awareness and Mastering courses train your staff to recognize risks.

Supply chain security training (ISO 28000)

Supply chain security is a crucial element in enterprise risk management, ensuring the safety and continuity of your supply chain. Bureau Veritas provides a 2-day training course that helps your staff understand the stakes of supply chain security, and manage and protect your supply chain.